Laboratory check

All corrugated board products are certified and meet all quality standards. Inspection of the manufactured corrugated board is carried out on the basis of GOST standards. To control the quality of corrugated cardboard and boxes from it, acceptance, periodic, and certification tests are carried out. Physical and mechanical properties of flat and corrugated cardboard are tested, such as:

  1. Bursting resistance, according to GOST 13525.8
  2. Resistance to end compression along the corrugation, according to GOST 20683, etc.

The company has an Accredited Testing Laboratory for packaging, where tests of corrugated cardboard boxes are carried out for FREE to determine the following parameters:

  1. Compression resistance according to GOST 18211 with loads applied perpendicular to the lid and bottom.
  2. Impact resistance in free fall, according to GOST 18425, consisting of a horizontal striking platform, lifting device, grips and clamps. Boxes are tested with products.