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белая макулатура

White waste paper - 105 Euro/t

Коричневая макулатура

Brown waste paper - Brown - 95 Euro/t

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Chisinau Mill of Cardboard Products receives a large amount of waste paper during the production of corrugated cardboards. This material is processed to obtain molded packaging or recycled (waste) paper.

We perform:

  • waste paper reception
  • waste paper recycling
  • waste paper packaging

Pressing and baling of waste paper takes place in the guild that was equipped on the territory of the plant.

List of unacceptable contamination

Contamination on paper (cardboard) basis:

  • parchment
  • greased paper (cardboard)
  • photo paper
  • multi-layer paper (cardboard) impregnated with synthetic resins
  • paper (cardboard) covered with polyethylene and other polymer films
  • paper (cardboard) with paraffin, bituminous, rubber coatings
  • sandpaper
  • laminated paper with cloth (e.g. gauze)
  • paper with foil or parchment paper inserts
  • recycled cardboard covers with linen, foil
  • rotted and burnt paper (cardboard)
  • book spines
  • fiber
  • bags made of soot and carbon black
  • paper (cardboard) coated with hazardous chemicals

Other types of contaminants:

  • chemical and other types of pollutants
  • printing inks fluorescent, magnetic, metallic, large-size printed inscriptions, sealing wax
  • thick metal connections (e.g. file locks, wire, metal tape)
  • building materials: gravel, molding materials, stones, bricks, etc.
  • food and feed residues
  • tobacco leftovers
  • dirt, earth
  • glass, glass and mineral fibers
  • synthetic fibers and materials
  • wood
  • plastic
  • polymer films

The list of contaminants, the mass fraction of which in waste paper is limited

Contaminants on paper (cardboard):

  • tracing paper
  • metallized paper (cardboard) and products from it
  • paper (cardboard) coated with varnishes, paints and synthetic materials
  • painted and unpainted waterproof paper (cardboard) *

Chemical and other types of pollutants:

  • small metal connections (e.g. paper clips, staples)
  • construction materials: cement, gypsum, etc.
  • minerals: chalk, etc.
  • sand, dust

* Water-resistant unpainted types of paper include the basis of paper for maps and banknotes, and water-resistant dyed ones – the cards and banknotes themselves.