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Offset printing is used to apply a one-color or multi-color image to products made of paper, cardboard or corrugated board. Offset printing technology involves transferring ink from a printing plate to a substrate through an intermediate offset cylinder.

Offset printing on corrugated cardboard or cardboard boxes consists of several stages. First, the image is applied to wrapping paper or cardboard with a minimum thickness. Then the drawing is laminated directly onto the corrugated cardboard. The final step is to shape the cardboard products, cut out all the holes and form fold lines.

LLC “HORN” develops and manufactures corrugated cardboard packaging with full-color offset printing. It is possible to apply glossy or matte selective UV varnish, foil stamping, hot stamping, lamination.

The production time for laminated packaging is from 10 to 15 days.

Sheet corrugated board calculator:

Internal dimension in mm:

Minimum volume (m2)

Approximate calculation

The cost of producing corrugated board depends on the type, number of layers and volume. At our plant you can order the production of corrugated cardboard with a volume of 3000 sq.m.

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Offset printing

Annual production

77 000 000 m2