Corrugated cardboard sheet

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Corrugated board is a material that is used for packaging. Corrugated cardboard is made by alternately gluing several layers of flat and corrugated cardboard. Corrugated board is the most common packaging material.
Corrugated cardboard packaging is widely used for packaging various types of confectionery and other groups of food products. Also, corrugated cardboard packaging is popular not only in industry, corrugated cardboard boxes are simply irreplaceable when moving.


100% eco-friendly
and natural

High strength
and low weight

You can apply
any shape

Low cost
of production

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Calculator of the minimum batch of corrugated sheet:

Sheet dimensions, mm

Minimum volume (m2)

Approximate calculation

The cost of producing corrugated board depends on the type, number of layers and volume. At our plant you can order the production of corrugated cardboard with a volume of 3000 sq.m.

Calculation result

Approximate amount of sheets, pcs0

Fruit and vegetable packaging
Alcohol Packaging
Food Packaging

Annual production

77 000 000 m2