• Can I discuss my packaging needs with a sales representative?

    Yes, KKKi has an experienced sales team who can advise you. Please call our office and one of our salespeople will help you to choose a convenient solution.

  • What is the minimum order quantity I can make?

    The minimum order quantity for cardboard boxes is 3000m².

  • How long does it take to deliver a custom carton?

    Depending on your requirements, custom cartons can be produced within 5-7 working days.

  • How to determine the quality of the corrugated box?

    Quality of the corrugated board is one of the key factors One of the key factors that affects on the strength of the package. If cardboard is easily squeezed, it means that the box was produced of poor quality materials. The most important indicator of the quality is resistance to bursting. As higher is the value then the higher is the rigidity of the box ribs, and therefore the strength of the package to mechanical impact increases.

  • Can you make corrugated package with a custom print?

    At our factory, you can order an individual design, according to which we will make a flexographic form and perform the subsequent flexo printing on cardboard. Also, you can provide your own design layout.

  • Do you make trays for vegetables and fruits?

    Of cource, at our factory you can order the production of boxes for various purposes, including the production of trays and containers for storing and transporting fruit and vegetable products.

  • What grades of cardboard do you produce?

    KKKi produces such types of corrugated board which correspond standards of quality